Frequently asked questions

What types of jobs do you hire for?

We place administrative, finance & account, customer support, call center, IT, engineering, assembly, manufacturing, skilled trades, logistics employees and more at both local business and international corporation sites through out the Capital Region at our website shown below.

Does Everyone Get Hired?

Our goal is always to find the right fit for every job, which means we are selective in our hiring process. All of our hiring decisions are based on a variety of factors, including: skillset, work history, career goals and cultural fit. When we are able to place the right candidate in the right company everyone wins. This means not everyone will get placed, but you can be assured we will work hard to find qualified candidates roles they will excel in!

Why should I work with a staffing agency to find a job?

Looking for work is not easy and can be a drain of time and energy. Staffing agencies help job seekers get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications at companies that are hiring. Agencies have access to positions that otherwise may not have been posted—and can get résumés in front of the right people. According to the American Staffing Association. Staffing agencies are partners to job seekers and are interested in the success of their individual temporary and contract employees. Looking for jobs is an impersonal process. Staffing agencies work one-on-one with job seekers to ensure they are considered for positions that match their skill sets and needs. Many agencies make support services available to candidates, like résumé revisions and interview prep workshops. Staffing agencies are partners to job seekers and are interested in the success of their individual temporary and contract employees.

How do I get started the application process?

Working for Manpower starts with our application process – and you can begin that right away! Apply at After your profile is 100% complete, call our office at 518-459-2800 to follow up or if you have any problems with the application process.

What are the pay ranges?

Our pay rates are very competitive for the geographic area in which the open positions are located. Pay is dependent upon many factors, including: skill level required, client pay scales, and candidate experience.

Will working for a staffing agency help me get a permanent position?

According to the American Staffing Association. Staffing services can be a bridge to permanent employment, and the potential for securing a permanent position is a reason people seek temporary or contract work. According to an ASA survey of staffing employees, half (49%) of those surveyed chose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain a permanent job. One third (35%) were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66%) accepted the offers of permanent employment. (Source: American Staffing Association, 2014 Staffing Employee Survey)


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